Our Company


The 'Holy Land Bible' company was established as a cooperation between several entities, joined by a common vision – the desire to bring the Christians and the Hebrew people together and strengthen the understanding of the original meaning of the Bible, thus bringing believes closer to God. Our company is based only 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the city of Jerusalem, and only 45 kilometers (28 miles) from the birthplace of Jesus. Spending every day in such close proximity to this holiness inspires and motivates us to do what we can to make the world a better place. We, as Israeli-born people, feel lucky to have been brought up speaking God's language, and our highest goal is to provide believers the world over with the opportunity to understand Hebrew, the Holy Tongue. We have devoted every effort to bring you the best possible product, working with the best lecturers, with years of experience in teaching and in researching the Bible from the Hebrew perspective.

We put our audience first, because empowering our audience is the key to our success.

As an organization based in the Holy Land, we believe that the scriptures are the root of all that is good in the world. That is why we do our very best in order to spread the Word of God.

Life in the wake of the Bible is filled with holiness, beauty, history and faith, and this guides us forward in our lives.

All the materials included in our courses were written and produced in the same land where it all began, by the will of God – the land of the Holy Bible.


Our teaching staff is composed of first-rate educators in this field, who bring to the table all the knowledge they have accumulated over the years, researching and lecturing across the globe.

Because our background is in education, teaming up with Israel's best ancient Hebrew educators was only a matter of time. We met people whose love of language and history is almost as strong as their love of God.

According to our vision, when a group of people comes together, united by a shared idea and common values, their love for their common goal creates something far deeper and far more genuine than a plain business relationship.

We have reached the best possible formula, combining academia, language, religion, history and fun. This winning combination provides our students with the best tools to take with them on their journey into the profound world of the Holy Bible, giving them added confidence and inner strength in their religious lives.


We believe that when it comes to the legacy of the Bible and your connection with God, there shouldn't be any compromise. That is why the unique combination you get with us, created in the Holy Land and disseminated by the best experts in the field, will bring you closer to the roots of the Bible, the Word of God.

We provide our customers with nothing short of a direct access to the scriptures. We believe that our spiritual and territorial connection to the Holy Land allows us to provide interested people with a unique added benefit – access to the original word of God.