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Did You Know?

The word 'Lord' appears 7234 times in the Old Testament and only 712 times in the New Testament
The word 'Heaven' appears10 times more often than the word 'Hell'
The meaning of the word 'Hallelujah' in Hebrew is 'Praise the Lord'
The Bible has been translated into 531 languages

Holy Land Bible is dedicated to strengthening the connection between the Hebrew people and our Christian brothers and sisters, especially when it comes to the Holy Land. The eternal connection between the Hebrew people and Christians all across the globe is expressed by their uncompromising love of this holy piece of land called Israel. This holy piece of land wasn't just the backdrop to the most important events in the Bible – it bore witness to them: the poppies in the valley of Elah saw David defeating the mighty Goliath, changing forever the history of the Hebrew people; the pure waters of the Sea of Galilee still resonate with the memories of the time Jesus walked upon their surface, changing forever the history of the entire world.

This land is nothing less than the origin of Man's connection to His God. It is the origin of the distinction between good and evil, beauty and ugliness, truth and lies.

We believe God chose the Israelites as His chosen people in order to spread His way to the rest of His children, whom He loves so very much. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to provide all those who believe in the way of God but do not speak his language with the option of freeing themselves from the limitations of language, brought upon us all from the time of the 'Tower of Babel'. We are commited to providing everyone with the path to the original, pure and truest interpretation – faithfully reading the text as it was originally written, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament – God's covenant with humanity.

  We believe that by understanding the Holy Bible on the basis of the Hebrew language, you can foster a better lifelong connection with the Bible, reinforce your faith and deepen you understanding of the word of God.